Self-growth – How to Change a Whiny Mood

4 Ways to Change from Whiny To Happy

While I’m a big believer in preventative medicine I still get whiny over the annual round of Pap smears, mammograms, dental check-ups, skin scans, blood work and uncomfortable outpatient procedures.

When I’m feeling whiny about something I’ve learned to stop myself and consciously try to take the opposite tack. Truth is, I am very blessed to have access to preventative medical care. Most of the world does not. In fact, most of the citizens of the US do not. So really, what am I whining about?

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1. Recognize your mood

If you are committed to self growth here are 3 ways to work yourself out of a whiny mood. First, recognize it. It takes practice to step back from your feelings in the moment (I am feeling irritated and whiny) and recognize “I’m in a whiny mood.” But stepping outside of your mood and seeing it is step one to changing it.

2. Take a few deep breaths

Breathing helps your body and mind to lessen your immediate level of stress. It just takes remembering to stop and breath right in the moment. Once you recognize you are in a whiny mood don’t try to change it first thing. Instead, change your breath. Sit down, set the timer on your smartphone for 3 minutes, close your eyes and breath. It’s fast, simple, and effective.

3. Take the opposite tack

Consciously taking the opposite tack when we are feeling stuck or whiny about something is a helpful self growth practice. It helps us in life and in business, too. Sometimes it can lead to radical changes in how we spend our time that turns out being a positive thing. Ask yourself how can you be grateful to be in this situation? How can this situation that causes me to be whiny help me if I will let it?

4. Tune into your power

You are the leader of your life and the controller of your mindset. You have the power to change your thoughts and let your feelings calm, to lead yourself in a new direction. Feeling powerful is a great antidote to feeling whiny. If you don’t often feel powerful this practice of seeing yourself as the leader of your life will help you tap into your personal power to change your mood, your outlook, and your actions.

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Changing your mood from whiny to happy makes a difference

Changing your mood from whiny to happy takes practice but helps you and others. Share on X

Your mood affects your physical, mental, and spiritual life. Not only does being whiny affect you it effects anyone around you. Just as you will not be able to know the damage your mood causes to you, you can’t know the impact on others. Recognizing the mood you are in and accepting that you can change it no matter how irritating things are in the moment helps you remain healthier, happier, and a model for those around you.

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