Do You Add to Calmness or to Drama?

It’s Easy to Fall Into The Drama Ditch

I think the bottom line most critical skill for us as leaders of our lives and models for our children is to keep our ground no matter what is going on around us or within us. Think back to the last time a frustrating or scary situation happened to you. Did you get completely knocked off your perch by some piece of drama that touched your life? Or maybe the life of a child or parent or spouse or friend?

The truth is that we will always have some type of drama or upsetting situation touching our business or our personal lives. It is not the situation, it is how we react to the situation that frames how one’s life will go.

This week in my gated neighborhood in Nashville we have had a few houses over by the end of the development end up with bullet holes in them. The houses adjoin open fields where people have hunted and target practiced for probably 200+ years. Someone has been out there aiming recklessly and their bullets have strayed over their fence line and into a busy neighborhood where people are outdoors on their patios and screened porches a lot in summer.

It’s a serious situation and the local law enforcement folks are going door to door to the adjoining properties trying to find the careless target practicers. While I’m concerned, it doesn’t serve me or my neighbors for me to spend my time walking up and down the street gossiping with neighbors and saying over and over again how awful this is and how dangerous this is and how it must be gypsies or gangs or bad teenagers or we should move or nowhere is safe or I’m afraid to go outside….all that just stirs the pot of fear and drama.

This is drama that keeps one focused on the hell energies of life. We strive, if we are conscious, to live a life based in freedom, love, and compassion. If you are religious that is what you are called to do, in fact. Watching that our actions add to peace and don’t add to drama is one of our biggest responsibilities. Even if it hits close to home. Even if it’s your kid, your spouse, your friend. Even if it’s you.

If you have a pain-in-the-butt situation your work is to deal with it quickly, without high drama, keeping your ground, and moving on. Don’t waste your energy and time on reaction. Spend it on pro-action. That is what gains you success. It is what helps your children years down the road know how to work through their own frustrations. It it what brings your home, your street, your neighborhood and your city a bit closer to peace.


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