What Will You Contribute?

What do you contribute to the state of our educational system? Are you a detractor of public education, or are you a supported?

Philanthropist and billionaire Paul Tudor Jones knows that entrepreneurs will contribute to the great good. Jones says, “The U.S. is in the bottom quartile for developed countries in terms of educational outcomes for kids.” His Robin Hood foundation has the goal of getting the U.S. educational system in the top quartile of developed countries in the next ten years. Isn’t it something that one man can give $$ on a scale to influence this, and has the contacts to raise big money, too.

In ’08, in the midst of the “economic downturn” his annual gala raised $56M in one night. 2013’s gala raised $81M. So much for “nothing can happen because the economy is poor.”

Jones is a model, not just for wealthy entrepreneurs, but for every one of us. What can you contribute and to what issue? Even on a small scale, stepping up for change shows caring, compassion, and intent. Jones is inspiring to me. Does he inspire you? I’d love to have your comment (below) with your thoughts.


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