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Great Eats in New Orleans

I lived in New Orleans for a brief time as a teenager, and promptly fell in love with the city. My parents were constantly going out to try local neighborhood restaurants and bars and as I recall they never had a complaint about any of them. I fell in love with the old streets and architecture, not just in the French Quarter but also out in the Garden District. I loved sitting near the doors of little bars and listening to the jazz and blues, happy that I had a lemonade or a Shirley Temple while my parents enjoyed more lively drinks.

Now that I have traveled and eaten in restaurants the world over I can say without a doubt that the greater New Orleans area is home to some of the best, most authentic food and restaurants in the United States. Like many cities, NOLA has its share of restaurants made famous by decades of tourists, and some of those famous places are indeed wonderful places to eat. In many cities some of the restaurants are small places found in strip malls and tucked away in neighborhoods, and New Orleans restaurants are the same.

A Restaurant Guide Sourced By Locals

My complimentary New Orleans Restaurant Guide consists of all types of restaurants, from coffee shops to fine dining. Every single one of the listings was recommended by locals. All of the restaurants in this guide were mentioned more than once, some of them dozens of times.

My goal in publishing this guide is to help travelers who end up in the Big Easy find whatever type of dining you are looking for, and to explore the many parts of the city and its outlying suburbs and smaller towns.

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Traveling to New Orleans

I help travelers who want to explore New Orleans and the surrounding area set up their flights, rental car, hotel, and excursions with local guides through my boutique travel agency. Whether you love antiques, old neighborhoods, eating out, jazz, blues, museums, riverboats, or strolling the French Quarter there’s something in New Orleans that will delight you. You can contact us at for help with planning and booking your travel to New Orleans.

Here’s a quick video about why I love New Orleans as a tourist destination so much.

New Orleans Restaurant Guide

Download this New Orleans Restaurant Guide

Download the restaurant guide by clicking here. You will also receive now-and-then emails from Travel Changes Life with our best travel tips and resources. There’s absolutely no obligation to us – we want you to explore the restaurants recommended here and we’re happy to take your feedback about any of them.

You will return home from NOLA satisfied and full of the food, sights, and sounds of one of the United State’s oldest port cities. Enjoy!

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