Self-growth – How to Change a Whiny Mood

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4 Ways to Change from Whiny To Happy While I’m a big believer in preventative medicine I still get whiny over the annual round of Pap smears, mammograms, dental check-ups, skin scans, blood work and uncomfortable outpatient procedures. When I’m feeling whiny about something I’ve learned to stop …

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7 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Let’s say you would like to go to Costa Rica and you wonder about which airport to fly into and the best places to stay. You might have looked around on the Internet and soon discovered that the choices are endless. So you decide to call me. How …

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Finding Historical Properties to Tour In the United Kingdom

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How To Find Historical Properties You’ll Want to Visit There are at least 9 organizations that help preserve historical homes in the UK, and open them for visitors. The properties are beautiful, usually have a tea tent or cafe, and often have lovely gardens, as well. You can …

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Finding Your purpose

Do you have to find your purpose? Sometimes the clients I work with tell me, “I’m having trouble finding my purpose.” I’ve often gotten the question, “How do you find your one passionate thing to do?” There’s an energetic disconnect in that question. Almost every single person I’ve …

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Finding a way through suffering

Can anything help us when we suffer? A very dear, lifelong friend died of bone cancer. It’s a slow and painful disease, and in the end he was suffering in every moment. Even in his suffering, however, he reached for a higher consciousness, a change in his energy. …

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