Masterclass – Your One Stop for better skills in almost any topic

If you love to learn Masterclass is for you

I discovered the wonderful world of Masterclass about 3 years ago, and it continues all this time later to fascinate and inform me about almost any topic I’m even remotely interested in.

  • Because I’m a huge Gordon Ramsey fan I took his Masterclass about cooking, even though I rarely cook. And it turned both my husband and me into enjoying the kitchen rather than avoiding it.
  • Because I have never worn makeup much but believe in world-class skin care I took Bobbi Brown’s class Makeup and Beauty and it helped me look more polished on the many livestreams I do on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Because I love Ron Howard as a film director and admire his work I took his Masterclass on Directing and came to understand why his movies are so top-notch and compelling. Not only that, I learned from him how to tell the stories I use in my own travel business and in my business consulting, too.

The point is, with one annual pass (or you can purchase by the class) one has access to astronomers, writers, singers, actors, athletes, philosophers and more right on my devices at home – and it’s so rich, and so informative!

Using Masterclass to make your business better

I’ve used Masterclass to help me flesh out what I teach my small business clients when we are working on leadership, team building, and other topics. Even when the Masterclass instructors aren’t specifically teaching team building they are talking about how they built their business over time. When I took the Bobbi Brown class about Makeup and Beauty I had 4 pages of notes and some of that was about stepping out of your own way and building a more leveraged business.

Masterclass – Your One Stop for better skills in almost any topic Share on X

Right now I’m enjoying Anna Wintour’s Creativity and Leadership class. I’m using some of her topics as leadership topics in my own CEO Circle Membership for women entrepreneurs.

Using Masterclass in your personal life

One of my favorite ways to use Masterclass is to gift one course or an annual pass to business associates who, like me, are always learning. It’s also a great gift for friends or family members who love to explore new topics or learn more about a particular topic. My husband has always been fascinated with poker, so I was happy to see that there are two poker classes by two different professional poker players available – and it made a great stocking stuffer!

What is my next Masterclass?

I’m interested in many more classes, but my next one will be Sara Blakely’s masterclass on Self-Made Entrepreneurship. Take a look through the Masterclass catalog and see what your first class will be!

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