Cambridge, england – 5 fun places to see

If you are planning a visit to London you will probably want to take a few day trips from the city to see nearby famous towns. You can visit Cambridge easily, it’s about a 45 minute train ride from London’s King’s Cross station. You can also join a day long tour from London that’s set up for you.

Cambridge sits on either side of the River Cam, in the eastern part of England. It’s famous for the University of Cambridge, which was founded in the 1200’s and is worth a visit for itself. This university is the second-oldest English-speaking university in the world!

You’ll want to visit several parts of the University.

  • King’s College Chapel displays very ornate details inside, so it’s worth it to do a self-guided tour. Guided tours are available, too. It is famed for its choir and Gothic architecture.
  • St. John’s College is worth a visit to see its Great Gate, constructed in the 16th century.
  • The University of Cambridge’s most famous museum is the Fitzwilliam Museum. I recommend browsing the musuem’s website to plan ahead of time the things you most want to see.

If you want a break from the historical buildings you can punt on the River Cam. In fact, you can set up a walking tour of Cambridge that includes punting. For more outdoor activity stroll the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Check out a map of the gardens ahead of time to plan out what you’d most want to see.

If you are a garden lover and want to see another lovely English garden go to see Anglesey Abbey, Gardens, and Lode Mill, which is a splendid estate with beautiful gardens and a part of England’s National Trust.

Americans will be shocked to see the Gibbs Building in Cambridge, an 18th century building that will look familiar – it was used as an inspiration for the first White House. Gibbs is known as the Senate House. Find more information about visiting it by browsing here.

For something a little on the weird side be sure to go by the Corpus Clock, which was established in 2008. Its mechanical mouth looks like the clock is eating time. You can find it outside the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College.

Other well-known sights in Cambridge, England

  1. Queens’ College and the Mathematical Bridge: A picturesque site known for its unique architectural design.
  2. Great St. Mary’s Church: Offers a historical perspective of Cambridge.
  3. The Round Church: Known for its unique circular design.
  4. Trinity College: One of the most prestigious colleges with rich history.
  5. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: Showcases local and global historical artifacts.
  6. Peterhouse College: The oldest college of Cambridge University.
  7. Museums of Cambridge, Technology, and Science: Offers a look into the scientific achievements and technological advancements.
  8. The Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute: Focuses on polar research and exploration.
  9. The National Horse Racing Museum: A unique museum for horse racing enthusiasts​​.

You might also want to visit a few of the lesser-known and touristed attractions in Cambridge. Try stopping by Newton’s Apple Tree, a descendant of the famous apple tree that helped Newton discover the theory of gravity. It’s outside of Trinity College. And the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is worth a visit, too – it’s one of only 4 round churches left in England.

Taking a break for a pub visit

I recommend two of the many pubs in Cambridge. The discovery of DNA was announced at The Eagle, which has been around since 1667. This pub was popular with Royal Air Force pilots during World War II. Another historical pub is The Pickerel Inn, which offers food and drink.

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